Sunday, January 2, 2011

This is NOT a resolution!

I'm not making any promises, goals, or resolutions this year.

I'm not trying to be difficult or deliberately go against the grain.

It's just that I've gotten to know myself over the past 31 years enough to know that I have yet to really follow through and complete a goal or resolution. We forget about them come February anyway, don't we?! So why set myself up for failure and disappointment!

I will, however, do my very best to put aside my apprehension about blogging and just do it. (I always loved that Nike slogan!)

I know that I'm not a Pulitzer Prize winning writer....hence the blog! So I will no longer feel pressure to be interesting, witty, or even have great grammar. (evidence that last sentence.) I will post my occasional thoughts (few and far between, trust me) and the little nothings that happen each day that make me immessurably happy! What is joy if we can't share it with those we love. And, if you are reading this then you have become a friend of mine somewhere along this earthly journey and I love you! PHEW! That was a lot of cosmic love coming out of my fingers, onto the keyboard and out into cyberspace.


All is well and I will make one resolution just for the fun of it. I resolve to start putting things in the same place (i.e. camera cord!!!) so I can utilize them as needed.

Wow...what a weight that has been lifted!

Adieu...Until my next random outburst...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mostly smiles this summer

The Blog...Revisited?

I've been contemplating starting the blog back up. I took a bit of a break if you didn't notice!
Summer flew by and we are entering fall with more responsibilities than a year ago, but the kids are getting bigger and my mind continues to swim with silly thoughts that I feel compelled to share on the Internet.
Perhaps I'll go private so I don't feel so inhibited....
Regardless, I think its time to get back to the blog. I'll do it for my People! (ha!!!)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Baby steps

I'm sitting here watching Berg take brave little steps around the porch. The walking skill seems to have really kicked in today. He's been taking steps since Easter when he spontaneously walked from me to his uncle Curtis, about 5 steps. Curtis, who loves to play with all the babies, was very proud to be the object of Berg's direction.

Since then the interest in walking has come and gone...until today. Today he has been taking off from the furniture toward other objects. At Silvi's school he launched from the picnic bench to where some kids were playing in the mud. Of course, nothing like some dirt and excitment to encourage the kid to go.

Silvi often calls to me to "Come see Berg walk" but its always been him walking hand in hand with her, which of course melts my heart, but not the sight I was planning on seeing when hearing the initial statement. Now I get to exclaim, "Come see Berg walk" as he sets out on the new adventure of Toddlerhood.

A mom can't help but be proud of her growing child!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Being one is lots of fun.

Accept when its not!
Happy Birthday Bergren!
You are the sweetest mama's boy a girl could have!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

One for good measure...

I have not looked at a blog in about 2 months...mine included. My life has gone from wandering around trying to be productive to collapsing at the end of the night exhausted from all the days activities. It was hard for me to forsee the "busy" mom role, but its here now. I blame 4 days of preschool and 3 hour conference calls!

Anywhooo... I'll try to be back, if not for my blog nation but in an attempt to capture some sort of family history. In the meantime here are some pics for your viewing pleasure!

Check out those chompers!!!
Until next time.....

Friday, December 18, 2009

Santa Baby

*Photo taken by our resident photog, Silvia

Good times here!
Happy Holidays!